The Social Media Post

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One resource that has been extremely helpful for me in my meatless/plant based journey has been social media, specifically Instagram.

I love that information and recipes are just a #plantbased or #veganinspo search away.

I wanted to include a list of my favorite social media accounts that have been helpful to me in the hopes that they’ll be helpful to all of you!

1. @forksoverknives

I haven’t tried any of the Forks Over Knives recipes as of yet, but I find that they post a lot of extremely informational graphics such as this one.

They also have a website that is kind of a one stop shop with plant based cooking classes, meal planners, and inspiration.

2. @reducewastenow

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Which plant based milk is your favourite? Tag someone who's trying to be more eco friendly! πŸ₯› . Follow @ReduceWasteNow for simple, actionable tips to help the environment! . This is the average environmental impact of one 200 mL glass of milk! This awesome visual is from @BBC πŸ™Œ . One thing worth noting is that almond milk is that it's actually more harmful to the environment than it may seem – specifically harmful to California's water supply… . According to University of California San Francisco, "the main issues associated with almond milk production are water use and pesticide use, which may produce long lasting effects on the environment in drought-stricken California, where more than 80% of the world's almonds are grown." . If you don't feel you're ready to completely give up dairy milk yet, that's okay! Try to drink/cook with plant based milks every once in a while to get used to it and find which one you personally enjoy best! Then, eventually you can drink the plant-based milk more and more often until you're ready to completely switch over! 🌎 . Which plant based milk would you recommend to someone who hasn't tried them yet? My personal favourite is oat milk, so I'd recommend that! #ReduceWasteNow . 🌎 Click the link in my bio to order products that help you reduce plastic! 🌎 Plastic-free packaging βœ… Carbon-neutral shipping βœ… . #oatmilk #almondmilk #nutmilk #plantbased #zerowastejourney #journeytozerowaste #sustainable #sustainability #environment #californiadrought #zerowastetips #zerowastehome #plasticfreeliving #zerowasteliving #goingzerowaste #zerowaste #zerowastegoals #wastefreeliving #wasteless #zerowasteuk

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This page is just great for innovative ways to reduce waste and comparative food emissions per serving. I really love their to-the-point graphics.

3. @nora_cooks_vegan

I LOVE this account. She has the best recipes and often includes nutritional information about the products she uses. She also uses and rates a lot of the popular meat substitutes out there so you don’t have to!

4. @ohsheglows

This is a classic and probably one of the more well known names in meatless cooking. Oh she glows has been around for awhile with lots of success. This site has a lot of kid friendly recipes and a really great cookbook that I happen to own and love!

5. @rabbitandwolves

I come to Lauren’s account any time I want truly delicious and inspiring recipes. She is so inventive and everything I’ve made of her’s is a hit!

I love that she focuses on vegan comfort food. One of the things I worried about when going meatless was giving up the rich, comforting soul food that I held so close to my heart.

This account has shown me that there are totally vegan options for a Louisianian like me! She also has a great website and cookbook!

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